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Since 1994, Community Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP) has successfully completed over 30 community health projects and assisted in bringing approximately $22,577,500 to our community through grants.

Formed the nonprofit Chippewa County Dental Foundation

Assisted in establishing a Federally Qualified Dental Center in Chippewa Falls, WI to increase access to oral health care for those without a dental home

Lead a community effort to obtain external cardiac defibrillators for community facilities

Helped to facilitate the formation of the Open Door Clinic to provide healthcare for those without a healthcare alternative

Assisted in founding the Chippewa County Prevention Coalition

Developed Chippewa County resource website

Developed sweetened beverage model policy for childcare centers

Increased the percentage of residents with an advance directive from the national norm of 20% to 63.2% in Chippewa County

Coordinated oral health care for inmates of the Chippewa County Jail

Lead organization for the Partnership for Healthy Choices


With the help of people like you, we have made some significant, positive health changes in our Wisconsin communities including forming the Chippewa County Dental Foundation and constructing a federally- qualified dental center. Now that we have greater momentum than ever, we need your help to keep this community initiative successful and to make Wisconsin's Chippewa County the healthiest place to live, work, and play.

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Community Nonprofit Excellence Award — United Way (2016)

United Way Community Non-Profit Excellence Award (2016)

American Hospital Association NOVA Award (2013)

Exemplary service award from Chippewa County (2010)

Chosen to represent Chippewa County at the Healthy Wisconsin Leadership Institute (2009 & 2010)

Identified as a Best Practice with the Hospital Sisters Health System Mission Accountability (2009)

Wisconsin Hospital Association Global Vision Community Outreach Award (2009)

Pathways Community Service Award (2008)

American Hospital Association Nova Award Finalist (2008)

With greater momentum than ever, we are making significant improvements in Wisconsin's Chippewa county. Join the movement, and be a part of it!

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