Help our communities
in Chippewa county become
the healthiest
in Wisconsin.


Food, Nutrition & Health Initiatives

CHIP strives to encourage healthier children and families through programs and collaborations designed to promote physical activity, improve access to healthy food in low-income communities, and help people dealing with chronic disease live life to the fullest.

Challenge Chippewa Action Team

Challenge Chippewa promotes lifelong fitness and improved well-being by encouraging adults and children of all ages to eat healthier, increase their physical activity, reduce the consumption of sweetened beverages, and drink water for hydration. This team creates comprehensive community awareness and education programming for professionals as well as the community at large.

Virtual Food Drive

It's difficult to imagine that hunger exists in the Chippewa Valley. However, we know through our work on our action team, our neighbors are food insecure. We are aware many people don't know where or when they will have their next meal. CHIP's action team, Challenge Chippewa, has a focus on local food insecurity. Their message encourages ways to make the healthy choice an easy choice. Food collections are well intentioned, but sometimes packed with processed and high fat food choices. By encouraging donations to local food pantry via Feed My People, we can help make the healthy choice an easy choice (and easy for the donor).

Keeping it Local: 17 food relief agencies in Chippewa County rely on food supplied by Feed My People (FMP). FMP continues to increase the amount and variety of fresh produce that low income families have access to and expand access to other food that promotes healthy lifestyles:

  • Fresh Produce Program: Last year 25% of all food distributed by the food bank was fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Nutritious Food Subsidy Program: Ensures there is a consistent supply of high-demand healthy foods available for the food bank's partner agencies. The food bank purchases items such as chicken, low-sugared cereals, dried beans, milk and canned fruits and vegetables and makes them available to partner agencies for the cost of shipping and handling.
  • Healthy Choice Program: Encourages our partner food pantries to make diabetic and heart-healthy friendly foods available as a choice for residents.

How FMP Helps Local Pantries: Local food pantries have accounts at FMP and their “buying” website shows what is available for purchase. These programs use the dollars in their accounts for the FMP food they order. And those dollars go far:

  • A $1 donation provides $10 worth of food to local community members who are struggling.
  • 97% of every dollar donated directly supports our hunger-relief programs.

How You Can Help: Support our Virtual Food Drive to help local families get nutritious food! Donate online now. In the comment box, type "CHIP food drive" and the name of the hunger relief agency you want your money to go.


Mental & Behavioral Health Initiatives

Mental Health Team

Mental health is essential to a person's well-being, healthy family, interpersonal relationships, and the ability to live a full and productive life. Collaboratively, CHIP's behavior health action teams contribute to the improvement of the mental and behavioral health of community residents and behavioral health services by enhancing existing programs and/or developing new programs that will make a significant, measurable impact on the community.

Infant Mental Health Action Team

This action team's focus is promoting the social and emotional development of very young children—specifically, infant mental health and the development of the infant brain. This team creates comprehensive community awareness and education programming for professionals as well as the community at large.

Flourish Action Team

Passionate about cultivating a sense of well-being within the community, this team promotes the importance of self-care and the acceptance and understanding of those struggling with mental health difficulties and encourages a culture of compassion and support.

Voices in Prevention (VIP)

This team, representing education, law enforcement, public health, medical and wellness, works on initiatives focusing on decreasing the use of alcohol and other drugs in our community, particularly in youth.

Partnership for Healthy Choices (PHC)

Since 1989, this networking group has been linking area communities and resources in partnership for prevention of alcohol and drug abuse and other related issues.


Mental & Behavioral Health Initiatives

CHIP aims to educate the public and enrich the lives of senior citizens in our communities by partnering with area agencies to host seminars and address topics relevant to their unique state in life.

End of Life Decision Making Community Education Seminar

This annual seminar educates the public about advanced care planning including DNR (do not resuscitate), funeral planning, options for veterans, hospice care, legal matters, financial issues, and other related topics.

Chippewa Falls Mission Coalition

CHIP has joined with representatives from area churches to be "God's love in action of our neighbors near and far" coordinating mission outreach locally and internationally.